All Parts Proudly
Made in the USA
CNC Swiss Precision-- Prototype thru production
-- Capacity up to 2.000" Diameter (51mm)
-- Accuracy within .0002"
Customer Service-- Fast Quote Reply
-- Quick Delivery
-- Competitive Prices
Quality Control -- Compliant to ISO9001:2015 standards
-- Certs available for all shipments
High Tech Top to Bottom-- Late Model Citizen brand CNC Lathes
-- Job tracking, Machine Monitoring
-- Data Collection, you name it.

CNC Swiss-type Screw Machine Job Shop

CNC Swiss Inc. is a machining job shop in the western suburbs of Chicago specializing in Swiss turning of small, tight tolerance metal and machinable plastic parts.
Capable of small volumes. Equipped for volumes up to 250,000.

About Us

  • Low Overhead + Technology = Low Pricing
    To remain competitive in this ever cost conscience business, we utilize technology any where possible to reduce cost and increase run-time. Employing just the right amount of staff to assure quality parts and support our fully automatic CNC machining centers.
  • 50+ years experience in Swiss-type machining It's all we do!
    Our small staff has a combined 50+ years experience in Swiss machining lathes. Work with us to tap our deep strength and get high quality parts in return. We commonly make suggestions on cost reduction opportunities for our customers.

Our Services

  • All CNC Controlled Machining Equipment
  • Turning Capacity up to 2.000" Diameter(51mm)
  • ISO 9001:2015 Compliant
  • Prototype thru Production Runs
  • Knowledgeable Staff
  • 11,000 sq. foot facility
  • Quality Control Documentation / Certs.
  • Fast Quote Turnaround
  • Quick Delivery
  • Let us handle added processing and ship you complete parts